HT-MC100 controller is designed to manage multiple parallel systems. The unit is able to control the global circuit breaker and generator functions operating as a Master unit.

This controller is an advanced and compact solution. It has many in-built functions: e.g. Load management to optimize generator use, Global Base Load reference, Global Power Factor reference, Import/Export, Loss of Mains protections, Load Shedding and Peak shaving.


  • To handle multiple mains incomers (1 unit per incomer)
  • True RMS readings on bus and mains voltages and currents
  • MCB and MGCB synchroni¬≠zation of multiple generators
  • 18+3 programmable digital input
  • 18 programmable digital output
  • RS232 interface port with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Additional RS232 or RS485 interface port
  • Real Time Clock
  • Events and data logging
  • GSM and PSTN modem management
  • SMS communication
  • Ethernet interface (optional)


  • HT-MC100 controller is an automatic control unit intended to safely manage the following type of power plants with and without MCB and MGCB management:
    – MPM (Multiple Prime Mover)
    – MSB (Multiple Stand-by)
    – MSB + MSTP (Multiple Stand-by + Multiple Short Time Parallel)
    – MPtM (Multiple Parallel to Mains)
    – MSB + MPtM (Multiple Stand-by + Multiple Parallel to Mains)
  • HT-MC100 can be combined with HUEGLI TECH controllers for paralleling/synchronizing applications, i.e. HT-DST4602, HT-DST4601/PX, and HT-GC500 communicating via PMCBus over CAN
  • A CAN cable is the only required connection to the controlled generators