Gas Management System

The BAS Gas-Management System powered by HUEGLI TECH is a comprehensive modular solution, currently suitable for Stoichiometric or Lean Burn Industrial gas engines up to 50 litre displacement. Following modules complete this system.

Gas Mixer System

Gas mixing systems for small, medium and large capacity engines.

Lambda Control

Air fuel ratio controllers based on Boostpressure or O2 Probe for turbo and naturally aspirated engines.

Integrated Throttle Bodies

Integrated throttle actuators with position feedback.


A series of speed governor specially designed for gas engines.

Ignition System

Ignition system CAN Bus controlled with additional periphery.

CHP Controller / SCADA System

Gas engine and generator main controller for single and parallel operation including SCADA solution.

Gas Admission (Injection) Valve

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel conversion kits.