Controller for the management of gensets working in synchro/parallel among them and/or with the mains. Up to 16 Gensets in parallel on the same bus.

GC600 – GC600

New controller equipped with colour graphic display, particularly studied to manage gensets working in parallel among them and/or with the mains. PLC functions included! Several communication ports on-board.

Main features:

  • Available in two versions: GC600 and GC600(this last one is perfect in case of a genset working in parallel with the mains).
  • Measurements: Mains/Bus and Genset Voltage; Genset Currents (…/5A or ../1A); Mains/Bus/Genset Frequency; Active, Reactive and Apparent Power; Engine speed; D+
  • Graphic colour display TFT 4.3’’ – 480×272 pixel – Visual area 95 x 54 mm
  • PLC functions included
  • It can be interfaced with both CANBUS J1939 electronic engines and traditional engines with digital/analogue sensors.
  • N. 18 Configurable opto-insulated digital Inputs
  • N. 4 Configurable engine analogue Inputs (oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, fuel level), which can be used also as digital Inputs or resistive, voltage or current analogue inputs.
  • N. 2 Differential analogue Inputs 0…10V
  • N. 18 Configurable digital Outputs
  • N.2 MODBUS RTU Serial Ports: RS232 and insulated RS485
  • N.1 Ethernet Port 10/100Mbps
  • N.1 USB FUNCTION for the configuration
  • N.1 USB HOST as data logger
  • Setup for internal WI-FI 2.4GHz module (available soon)
  • Internal clock with history log
  • Protection degree: IP65 with gasket included for free
  • Direct interface to SI.MO.NE system for the remote supervision of the plants

Optional devices:

  • N. 64+64 Additional and configurable digital I/O using 4 DITEL modules
  • N. 30 or 40 Additional and configurable analogue inputs for sensors measurement from Pt100 (DIGRIN), Thermocouples (DITHERM) or 0…10mA – 0…20mA (DIVIT) using a max of 10 modules. The max number of analogue inputs depends on the module used
  • N. 10 Additional and fixed analogue inputs listed in the CANBUS J1939 protocol
  • N. 16 Additional and configurable analogue outputs using 4 DANOUT modules
  • N.1 WI-FI interface (available soon)
  • REWIND – GPRS/GSM/GPS Device (needed for SI.MO.NE)
  • PSTN/GSM Modem management and data call in case of alarm and warning