ATS115 Multifunction Controller

ATS115 – ATS115
is a device suitable to manage the switch of multiple plant configurations.
A or B supply sources can be set as “Mains” or “Genset” in any possible combination.
The programmable circuit parameters allow its use for standard or specific applications.
They can be set by means of the free software BOARD PRG, downloadable from the website,or directly managed using the controller keyboard.ATS115, in its two versions, has a graphic display that allows to immediately view the status of the switch, of the measures and of possible alarms occurred.
Main features:

  • Available in two versions: ATS115 – ATS115
  • Automatic and programmable management of the switch between the two sources
  • True RMS measure for both sources Current and Voltage
  • Active power and power factor measure
  • Measure of both sources Frequency and Power
  • 8+3 programmable digital INPUTS (insulated)
  • 8 programmable digital OUTPUTS
  • USB Port
  • Graphic display with single-line diagram representation
  • Real Time Clock

ATS115also includes:

  • N.1 RS232 Serial port Modbus RTU
  • N.1 Insulated RS485 Serial port Modbus RTU
  • N.1 RJ45 Port as Ethernet interface TCP/IP
  • CANBUS J1939 Interface