DST4602 Advanced multiple paralleling genset controller with PLC functions included.


Advanced multiple paralleling genset controller with internal load sharing, synchronizer and PLC functions. Highly configurable genset controller designed to handle a wide range of critical and complex parallel applications, including multiple Mains and CHP systems. Available in Evolution version with 7” colour graphic display.

Main features:

  • Available in Evolution version
  • 7’’ colour graphic display TFT – 800×480 pixel
  • Thanks to the high configurability of the controller, DST4602 is designed for the management of special and complex applications, CHP plants included.
  • PLC functions included with PID Blocks
  • Up to 24 Gensets connected in parallel (island mode)
  • Management of several gensets in parallel with the mains
  • UP/DOWN digital commands for AVR
  • Load sharing, Synchronizer and active and reactive Power Regulation, all inclusive
  • 20 Insulated digital inputs and up to 160 Additional digital inputs
  • 16 Insulated digital outputs + 2 Fixed outputs and up to 160 Additional digital outputs
  • Up to 18 Analogic inputs (to acquire measures by various probes) and 32 Analogic outputs
  • Wide range of communication systems: RS232 Serial port + RS485 Insulated serial port, USB Port, Ethernet TCP/IP Interface
  • Real Time Clock and Event log
  • Interface with the new D-PRO protection relay, able to increase the protections already included in DST4602
  • Interface with all SICES controllers
  • Possibility to connect to D-MONITOR, new touch-screen panel 12.1” or 15.6”
  • Interface with DST4602, perfect in case of control rooms
  • Interface with the new Modbus – IEC61850 converter
  • Available in SPLIT version

Optional Divices:

  • Up to 10 DITEL with CPU or 20 DITEL without CPU for a max. of 160 Binary and settable Inputs and 160 Binary and settable Outputs, all insulated
  • Up to 16 DITHERM/DIGRIN aimed for getting analogue measures from thermocouples and/or thermoresistance (PT100)
  • Up to 16 DIVIT aimed for getting analogue measures of current and/or voltage (0…10mA, 0…20mA, 0…5V, 0…10V)
  • Up to 8 DANOUT for max. 32 additional analogue outputs (insulated) 0…10mA, 0…20mA, 0…5V, 0…10V
  • IEC 61850 Converter
  • Serial converter RS232/485/USB
  • GSM Modem
  • REWIND – Interface module for Si.MO.NE using GPRS/SM and GPS technology
  • DANCE – Interface module for Si.MO.NE using Ethernet technology
  • Ethernet interface with MODBUS TCP/RTU protocol
  • Supervision software SicesSupervisor and SI.MO.NE
  • Plug-in for SCADA (customized software) interface