GC315 AMF Genset Controller


Automatic Mains Failure microprocessor genset controller for managing the most common three-phases generator applications (Single Prime Mover and Single Stand-by gensets).

Main features:

  • Available in 3 versions: GC315 – GC315– GC315
  • Remote start
  • 8+1+4 Digital and programmable input and 8 Digital output (6 programmable)
  • Additional measure for the Ground protection (51N) using the measure of the 4th current
  • USB Port – Insulated RS485 Serial port – RS232 Serial port – RJ485 Ethernet Serial port TCP/IP
  • Canbus interface J1939
  • Inbuilt GPRS modem (GC315)
  • Event and data logging

Optional devices:

  • Expansion module for digital I/O (DITEL)
  • Expansion module for analogue Inputs for reading PT100 (DIGRIN), Thermocouples (DITHERM) or reading voltage / current signals 0…5V – 0…10V – 4…20mA (DIVIT)
  • Expansion module for analogue Outputs (DANOUT)
  • DANCE: Ethernet device for the communication with SI.MO.NE
  • REWIND: GPRS/GSM/GPS device for the communication with SI.MO.NE
  • GSM Modem
  • Cummins adapter (for RS485 engines)