GC400 Synchro Parallel Genset Controller

GC400 – GC400– GC400

New controller for managing multiple Gensets working in Synchro/Parallel mode for emergency and production power plants.

Main features:

  • Available in two versions: GC400 and GC400 (this last one is the ideal solution in case of one genset working in parallel with the mains for a short period, for example to carry out the synchronisation when the mains is back)
  • Load sharing and Synchronizer
  • True RMS readings on generator voltages and currents. Neutral measure included.
  • Additional current measurement for neutral or ground fault protection (51N)
  • Active, Reactive and apparent power measurement
  • Engine speed measurement by pick-up or W
  • 8 programmable digital Inputs + 4 programmable analogue Inputs
  • 8 digital Outputs (6 programmable)
  • Graphic display with self or manual adjustable contrast based on the temperature
  • Insulated and Auto-supplied J1939 and MTU MDEC CAN interface
  • Interface with traditional sensors engines
  • USB serial port
  • RS232 serial port with MODBUS RTU protocol
  • RS485 serial port with MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Ethernet interface with MODBUS TCP/IP protocol
  • Real Time Clock with battery and Events and data logging
  • Remote control systems SI.MO.NE with App IOS and Android and SICES Supervisor
  • Available version GC400with GPRS/GPS modem included, perfect for groups of rental Gensets

Optional devices:

  • N. 32 Additional and configurable digital I/O by means of the DITEL module
  • N. 10 Additional and configurable analogue inputs for sensors measurements from Pt100 (DIGRIN), Thermocouples (DITHERM) or 0…10mA – 0…20mA (DIVIT)
  • N. 10 Additional and fixed analogue inputs listed in CANBUS J1939 protocol
  • N. 4 Additional and configurable analogue outputs (DANOUT)
  • REWIND – GPRS/GSM/GPS Device for SI.MO.NE system
  • PSTN/GSM Modem management and data call in case of alarm and warning