HT-DST4602 is a highly configurable genset controller, designed to handle a broad range of critical and complex parallel applications, including multiple Mains and CHP systems.



  • 3-phase AMF automatic genset controller with soft return
  • Analogue synchronizing option allows easy integration into existing systems
  • Parallel operation compatible with HT-DST4601/PX, HT-GC500 and HT-MC100
  • Additional current measurement for neutral or differential protection
  • Large Graphic display (240 x 128 pixels)
  • 20 fully programmable digital inputs
  • 14 programmable digital outputs
  • Virtual digital inputs available
  • PLC functions (including PID blocks)
  • GSM and PSTN modem management
  • SMS communication
  • Split unit (display + control unit) optional


  • For conventional engines / sensors thanks to its embedded analogue interfaces
  • HT-DST4602 includes an internal load sharing unit that allows simple implementation of Multiple Prime Mover applications
  • Two analogue, insulated and active current loop options (both bipolar and unipolar) are available in order to directly interface practically any kind of speed regulator and AVR
  • Three insulated independent and specialized CAN interface
  • Second communication port is configurable as RS232 or RS485 (insulated, allows long distance remote control without additional converter)
  • A split version is available too. It consists of two units: a display unit, to be mounted on the front panel and a control unit to be mounted inside the panel. (They are interconnected by differential transmission line in order to obtain great immunity and communication safety)